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Chinese Shar-pei Puppies Now For Sale.

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Very Important Note: Unfortunately, Airlines are no longer shipping snub nose breeds. Also, transporters will only go in certain directions which only increases wait times. Due to these technicalities, we still have three 5 month old dogs for sale and they are sooo awesome with complete shots and very very healthy. Prices have been reduced on 2 only but you must pick them up here as there is no available transport at this time. For more details on pick-up, please contact me directly.


We have several Shar Pei pups left for sale at this time.
Click each picture for larger image.


Note: These pictures appear larger than the dogs really are due to having to take close-ups so you can see the true dog, thanks.



Gorgeous little angel, mini size, sweet boy with excellent silver coat and light eyes ready now!

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Gorgeous lilac charmer, miniature size, sweet boy with excellent coat and light eyes ready now!

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HANDSOME CHOCOLATE, Horsecoat Male 6 Months Old


Handsome Chocolate is 6 months, old fashioned horse coat. Photos taken 11/18 we were holding him for someone in Colorado who then could not ontain him so we nuetered him, he has all shots too! Great opportunity for someone who wants a take home sweet companion.

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BLUE BOY, Only 6 Months Old!


PERFECT BLUE MALE Outstanding personality will follow you everywhere, just 6 months we were going to keep him ourselves but he's available now! He's such an outstanding blue in real life, picture do not do him justice.

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**Act fast! We have no other pups available nor any more coming at this time, thank you**

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Airlines are no longer flying any snub nose breeds. You either have to come pick them up or use a transporter. We have an excellent transporter ready to serve you! He will charge $300-$400 for transport. There is also an extra charge for interstate health certificate which includes puppy exam, rabies shots, complete worm check and vaccinations. Contact us if you have any questions.**


Recently Sold Puppies!

We've made these families very happy! You can be next.


(Recently Sold!) BIG BLACK BEAR, Gorgeous Horesecoat Male

BLACK GORGEOUS COAT, Rcently sold to a wonderful family in Oklahoma. He's a great family dog! 5 months old with all shots.

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(Recently Sold!) Adorable, Blue Mini Horsecoat Male

Adorable personality horsecoat blue male mini part of our most recent litter, very wrinkled recently sold to a beautiful family in Indiana.

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(Recently Sold!) PERFECT, Blue Female Brushcoat & SWEET Blue and White Male


PERFECT BLUE FEMALE & SWEEET BLUE & WHITE MALE! Thank you to the family that bought these pups. I appreciate your devotion to me after 11 years in buying 2 more family pets.!

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(Recently Sold!) GORGEOUS, Blue Male Brush Coat


GORGEOUS BLUE MALE brush coat, sweet ready to go now!

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(Recently Sold!) OUTSTANDING Black Brush Coat Male


OUTSTANDING black brushcoat male, very friendly ready now!

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(Recently Sold!) HAPPY GO LUCKY, Black male Brushcoat


FRIENDLIEST HAPPY GO LUCKY male black brushcoat, ready to go!

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(Recently Sold!) THOR, Black Brushcoat

Thanks for the compliments. Great loving family and great pictures. Love the name THOR and glad you love him too! Perfect family.

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(Recently Sold!) ADORABLE, Blue Female Brushcoat

ADORABLE may be mini on small side sweet and little!

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(Recently Sold!) TOY MINI, Male Red Brushcoat

TOY MINI adorable sweet little red brushcoat boy was recently sold to a great family in Chicago. Thanks for flying here!

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(Recently Sold!) Mr. Gorgeous, Little Chocolate Boy

Mr. Gorgeous that is what we call this 4 month old luscious choclate male. He is magnificent in every way . Excellent coat and eyes above average he is a heavy boned short stocky boy on mini side with GENTLE sweet laid back personality. Recently sodl to a wonderful family in Seattle.

For more information about our Puppies, please email



(Recently Sold!) SWEET ANGEL, Blue White Boy

Born December 8th this SWEET ANGEL blue and white flowered male one of a kind is soooo sweet playful and loving he is a gorgeous horsecoat. recently sold to a wonderful family in Wisconsin

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More Recently Sold Updates From Around The Country!

We are uniting our pups with amazing people around the Unites States! You too can add a sweet, beautiful and wonderful Chinese Shar pei puppy to your family! Contact us today.

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(Recently Sold!) Mini Chocolate Female

Tiny, tiny, tiny! (Born December 2017) She doesnt look real. We call her "itsy bitsy" she hasgreat eyes and is a very very sweet baby doll.

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Pup Male Lilac

Pup male lilac. All shots and wormings. Big and Robust. perfect confirmation, great coat and lovable!

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Mini Male Chocolate



Flowered choclate MINI male choclate and white so cute! the most cutest personality ever when he gets into the food dish to eat. This little MINI chocolate male has white paws.

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Puppy Blue Female


puppy blue female robust, brush coat adorable too.

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Blue & White Spotted Mini Male


Blue and White spotted MINI male will have great eyes and coat and white is very white outstanding little pup

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Isabella brush coat male

So Sweet perfect little Isabella brush coat male Sold to a wonderful home in Coral Gables, FL Thank You!

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Little black female


little black female, brush coat, gorgeous and outstanding tall beautiful coat. Laid back personality

For more information about our Puppies, please email




5 months old good confirmation and coat we could not decide who to keep kept the sister brush coat now offering her for sale to select home healthy all shots.

For more information about our Puppies, please email



Renowned European artist, Anton Molnar, who is Hungarian living outside of Paris.

Anton painted these two pups who were place in thier loving home June 2011. Lolita and King, Thank you from us for giving these two pups such a wonderful, loving home. We are glad they are a part of your life.

Pictures of Pups  Have Been Enlarged For Better Viewing and appear to make them look larger than they are in real life.

All puppies will be sold to loving homes  with limited registration, not to be bred. These are the only puppies that we have due to our limited breeding. You will receive registration papers once the puppy has been spayed or neutered.

All our puppies have been raised inside our home, we have bred only on a very limited basis as we do this not for a living, but as a gift of love for sharpeis. We cannot afford to sell our sharpeis for compromising prices as so many others do that have a large amounts of puppies. We breed for quality and excellence not for numbers to sell. If you are interested in a high quality sharpeis where much time, love, personalization as well as socialization has been given, along with natural high quality foods, you have come to the right place. We wish you the best and welcome serious inquiries only.


Call 615-230-0006





SOLD to a Great home

SOLD to a Great home

SOLD to a Great home



Just wanted to say hello from Colorado. Pearson is doing great at
eight years old. He is healthy and still behaves like a puppy. He is starting
to get the adorable white hairs under his chin. We love him immensely!
Ben & Nicole Lunt



Aileen: Two years ago I purchased a little chocolate dilute puppy from you. I just wanted to update you. He is the worlds most perfect dog! He is the sweetest little thing and loves everybody. He gets along just fine with other animals and loves humans and attention. I even take him to nursing homes as a therapy dog. He's perfectly fine to let the residents rub all over him and pull on his wrinkled face! His AKC registered name is Evergreens Wrinkled Piglet. He goes by Piglet. I'm not sure what or how you bred it into him but he has the best personality of any dog I've ever met. I have attached a couple of photos of him for your enjoyment!!




Shar pei puppies for sale are sold on a limited basis. We are breeders of championship Chinese shar pei puppies for sale. We also have at times miniature shar pei puppies, exquisite blue shar pei puppies and our black shar pei puppies are exceptional with coats that are shiney like mink. If you are interested in puppies and dogs that are raised in the home, trained, exercised on 26 acres, are well socialized with children, you have inquired at the right place. Our puppies for sale are veterinarian checked at least three times before they go to their forever homes. We do not raise poor quality shar peis for profit we have been show hobby breeders and we do not expect to sell our high quality shar pei puppies at a low cost as we have very few , put a lot of time hands on in raising our puppies and are discriminate with whom we sell our family members to. Our dogs in the past have been extensively shown and we have had many championship dog wins in the USA and throughout the world as well as we are AKC approved and have been breeders of shar pei for 30 years We also are one of the original members of the Chinese Shar Pei Club of America before they were excepted to be shown in the American Kennel Club and are also one of the original breeders of the breed when they were brought here to the United States. If you desire an exceptional Chinese shar pei puppy as a family member to be loved please contact us at 1877 577 5007 or the numbers posted. We will reply within 4 hours of your call we ship within the USA.

My Chinese Shar pei puppies are selectively bred for good health, as well as temperament (Great with Kids), and show conformation. I specialize in rare colors, large heads, quality coats, and eyes without leaving out breed type. I also have at times miniature shar-peis and guarantee against hip dysplasia. AKC Registered. My puppies' happiness is the utmost concern! I care about my dogs and you! I have been a hobby breeder for over 25 years. I love to show my magnificent dogs. I Sell To Select Homes Only. Reservations Suggested Due To Availability Of Dogs.

Please note:  I get many questions and inquiries about shar peis that have NOT been purchased from me where people have run into issues usually following veterinarians doing unnecessary procedures on their shar pei or after purchasing their dogs from OTHER BREEDERS where they were convinced into purchasing puppies at a '"Great deal " and because "the puppies looked so cute at a young age " or where these breeders convinced them by spreading false and malicious information about other breeders such as myself to buy from them. These people that tend to purchase from these breeders usually then run into bad situations and very expensive health issues and then come to seek help after the fact . It is an unfortunate reality in the dog breeding world that some breeders would try to make up for their own inadequacies by telling lies about competing breeders in order to sell their puppies and do not breed for the betterment of the breed. I cannot answer any inquires regarding health issues from dogs purchased elsewhere due to liability issues, time and moral ethics,  and I will be unable to respond.
Please consult your breeder you purchased from or a qualified veterinarian experienced with Chinese Shar pei. Thank You

NOTE: Shipping cost is: $450.
This includes: Health Certificate, Carrier, Airline Travel and Insurance of $10 Dollars. We also have a Doggie nanny who flies on board with your puppy and/or a transporter that brings your puppy direct to your door!

**All our pups are sold with Spay and Neuter Agreement.**

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