Thank you to all the families who adopted a puppy into their forever homes as well as everyone for your recent inquiries, unfortunately we have no Sharpei puppies available at this time. Please check back with us soon. Thank you!

**Note: These pictures appear larger than the dogs really are due to having to take close-ups so you can see the true dog, thanks.**


We have a few Shar Pei puppies left for sale at this time.

**Note: These pictures appear larger than the dogs really are due to having to take close-ups so you can see the true dog, thanks.**

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**I guarantee that my dogs dont have diseases or health problems. We focus on quality, not quantity. We breed excellent dogs. We are not backyard breeders. We breed show level dogs as a hobby, not for profit. If you want to pay less, you’ve come to the wrong place.**

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“We are so glad we got two. They are everything we could hope for and more, feisty and happy with great personalities!”

Recently sold to a wonderful family!


Recently sold to a wonderful family!


Recently sold to a wonderful family!

**Act fast! Our Shar Pei puppies sell quickly!**

It’s a pleasure meeting so many wonderful people who became my lifelong friends. These will be the only pups we will have available for now. Thank you to so many!

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Airlines are no longer flying any snub nose breeds. You either have to come pick them up or use a transporter. We have an excellent transporter ready to serve you! He will charge $300-$500 for transport. There is also an extra charge for interstate health certificate which includes puppy exam, rabies shots, complete worm check and vaccinations. Contact us if you have any questions.**

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615-230-0006 and leave message – This is our business line

if no answer someone will call you back promptly!

You can also text us at: 305-321-3369 (text only, please)

Very Important Note: Unfortunately, Airlines are no longer shipping snub nose breeds. Also, transporters will only go in certain directions which only increases wait times.  For more details on pick-up, please contact me directly.

Happy Families Around The Country

We are uniting our pups with amazing people around the Unites States! You too can add a sweet, beautiful and wonderful Chinese Shar pei puppy to your family! Contact us today.

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Why You Can Trust Chenille

Aileen Hoffer

I have been a serious hobby breeder for over 35 years, producing two world champions, many all breed, best in show wins, including championships in the United States, and overseas. All my puppies are home-raised and house trained in a loving home environment. I spend personalized quality time with each of my dogs to socialize them and make them better pets. I am a hands on mom!

We Strive to breed the healthiest puppies possible. I have spent my entire adult life devoted to this breed. I have bred World Champions, US Champions and have bred dogs that have Several Championships from 7 countries on each dog as well as Best In Show. I feed them the best food possible have excellent coats genetically, my housekeeper also helps me. I tack their eyes several times if needed, raise them in the house and on occasion update pics through a Web Designer. I care who I sell to and breed to upkeep my dogs with the best possible care. I therefore do not sell my dogs at backyard breeder discount prices. I BREED FOR THE LOVE OF THE BREED AND NOT TO MAKE A LIVING…

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**All our pups are AKC registered, sold with Spay and Neuter Agreement. No papers will be given unless requested**

We Also Sell Adult Shar-pei Dogs

I sometimes have adult dogs with excellent dispositions that have been spayed or neutered that need a good home. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs please contact me.

Customer Reviews

  • Dr. J. Morgan
    He was even better than I expected, and exactly what I wanted. Will be getting another one from you soon.
    Dr. J. Morgan
    Austin, Texas
  • The Harris Family
    We shopped around, we had other Shar-peis in the past. The one we got from you is the sweetest dog and the prettiest chocolate we have ever seen.
    The Harris Family
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Dana Kelly Cannelton
    This puppy is the best dog we ever had, I do not know what we would do with out him.
    Dana Kelly Cannelton
    West Virginia
  • The Allison's
    Experience with entropian and shar-pei fever prompted us to search for a breeder we could trust. We found that with Aileen Hoffer. Our pups are now seven months old and have not missed a day of school!
    The Allison's
    Weston, Florida
  • Geilda and Ben Nunez
    Our female we got from you has become a champion. We love the other new dog we got from you and hope he will do well also.
    Geilda and Ben Nunez
  • Marion Bond
    I am really glad we were referred to you. I loved seeing all your dogs, it is obvious you take excellent care of them.
    Marion Bond
    Miami, Florida

Shar pei puppies for sale are sold on a limited basis.

We are breeders of championship Chinese shar pei puppies for sale. We also have at times miniature shar pei puppies, exquisite blue shar pei puppies and our black shar pei puppies are exceptional with coats that are shiney like mink.

Our puppies are veterinarian checked at least three times before they go to their forever homes. We do not raise poor quality shar peis for profit we have been show hobby breeders and we do not expect to sell our high quality shar pei puppies at a low cost as we have very few , put a lot of time hands on in raising our puppies and are discriminate with whom we sell our family members to.

Our dogs have had many championship dog wins in the USA and throughout the world as well as we are AKC approved and have been breeders of shar pei for 35 years

We also are one of the original members of the Chinese Shar Pei Club of America before they were excepted to be shown in the American Kennel Club and are also one of the original breeders of the breed when they were brought here to the United States.

If you desire an exceptional Chinese shar pei puppy as a family member to be loved please contact us at: 615-230-0006. We will reply within 4 hours of your call we ship within the USA.