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Beware of
breeders who:

1. Do Not guarantee the quality and good health of their dogs in writing

2. Are difficult to contact or will not return calls

3. Do not have references from satisfied owners

4. Breed puppies in "puppy factories"

5. Sell "quality" animals inexpensively

6. Claim to be very experienced, if you have doubts check with the AKC.

April, 2003...An unscrupulous breeder is stealing copyrighted pictures from this site and others and using them on his site as his dogs. This practice is not only unethical, it is illegal. If you see any pictures from appearing on other web sites, please notify us. The investigation is ongoing and we intend to seek prosecution to the full extent of the law.

Don't Be Fooled!

I have heard of breeders who are intentionally spreading misinformation about their competition. This tactic may be used to compensate for their own inadequacies, and inferior quality dogs. Don't be fooled, check references, and speak with other owners who have purchased puppies from the same source.
I know my dogs are of the highest quality, and I will be happy to provide references, just ask.


I make every effort to place each of my dogs and puppies in caring loving homes. Even though my dogs are superior in every way, I prefer seeing my dogs go to families and individuals who are seeking companion pets rather than breeding stock.


Chinese Shar pei Puppies Now For Sale.

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Here Are Our Newest Puppies!

We're a word of merit winner! We're one of the orignators of the Chinese Shar Pei breed and have foundational stock documentation available.


We have 2 Shar Pei pups left for sale at this time.
Click each picture for larger image.

**Note: These picutres appear larger than the dogs really are due to having to take close-ups so you can see the true dog, thanks.**

Mr. Gorgeous, Little Chocolate Boy

Mr. Gorgeous that is what we call this 4 month old luscious choclate male. He is magnificent in every way . Excellent coat and eyes above average he is a heavy boned short stocky boy on mini side with GENTLE sweet laid back personality. I kept his brother could not decide which one, both were exceptional. His sister and person who bought the other is a happy reference. Whomever gets this boy will be fortunate! Call for further info. Price is $2000.

For more information about our Puppies, please email


SWEET ANGEL, Blue White Flowered Boy


Born December 8th this SWEET ANGEL blue and white flowered male one of a kind is soooo sweet playful and loving he is a gorgeous horsecoat, only $2000 to special home only!

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**Act fast! We have no other pups available nor any more coming at this time, thank you**


Recently Sold Puppies!

We've made these families very happy! You can be next.


(Recently Sold!) Mini Chocolate Female

Tiny, tiny, tiny! (Born December 2017) She doesnt look real. We call her "itsy bitsy" she hasgreat eyes and is a very very sweet baby doll.

For more information about our Puppies, please email

(Recenty Sold!) Pup Male Lilac

Pup male lilac. All shots and wormings. Big and Robust. perfect confirmation, great coat and lovable!

For more information about our Puppies, please email


(Recenty Sold!) Mini Male Chocolate



Flowered choclate MINI male choclate and white so cute! the most cutest personality ever when he gets into the food dish to eat. This little MINI chocolate male has white paws.

For more information about our Puppies, please email


(Recenty Sold!)Puppy Blue Female


puppy blue female robust, brush coat adorable too.

For more information about our Puppies, please email


(*Recently Sold!*) Blue & White Spotted Mini Male


Blue and White spotted MINI male will have great eyes and coat and white is very white outstanding little pup

For more information about our Puppies, please email


(*Recently Sold!*) Isabella brush coat male

So Sweet perfect little Isabella brush coat male Sold to a wonderful home in Coral Gables, FL Thank You!

For more information about our Puppies, please email


(*Recently Sold!*) Little black female


little black female, brush coat, gorgeous and outstanding tall beautiful coat. Laid back personality

For more information about our Puppies, please email




5 months old good confirmation and coat we could not decide who to keep kept the sister brush coat now offering her for sale to select home healthy all shots.

For more information about our Puppies, please email



Renowned European artist, Anton Molnar, who is Hungarian living outside of Paris.

Anton painted these two pups who were place in thier loving home June 2011. Lolita and King, Thank you from us for giving these two pups such a wonderful, loving home. We are glad they are a part of your life.

Sent to us from our wonderful client and friend Evie.

Pictures of Pups  Have Been Enlarged For Better Viewing and appear to make them look larger than they are in real life.

All puppies will be sold to loving homes  with limited registration, not to be bred. These are the only puppies that we have due to our limited breeding. You will receive registration papers once the puppy has been spayed or neutered.

All our puppies have been raised inside our home, we have bred only on a very limited basis as we do this not for a living, but as a gift of love for sharpeis. We cannot afford to sell our sharpeis for compromising prices as so many others do that have a large amounts of puppies. We breed for quality and excellence not for numbers to sell. If you are interested in a high quality sharpeis where much time, love, personalization as well as socialization has been given, along with natural high quality foods, you have come to the right place. We wish you the best and welcome serious inquiries only.

Call for further info:

and leave message  - This is our business line we share with AA Home Decor
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SOLD to a Great home

SOLD to a fantastic home

SOLD to a Great home

SOLD to a Great home

 Call for further info 615-230-0006


While you're here, visit my shopping site Aileen Anne Collections.

I have been a serious hobby breeder for over 39 years, producing two world champions, many all breed, best in show wins, including championships in the United States, and overseas.

All my puppies are home-raised and house trained. I spend personalized quality time with each of my dogs to socialize them and make them better pets. I am a hands on mom!

Due to the high quality and limited availability of my puppies as well as my impeccable reputation and references, my dogs being shown worldwide, my advertising, the fact that I home-raise my dogs and the quality of care given and received as well as my guarantee I cannot compromise my prices. While I appreciate your inquiries, I encourage serious inquiries only.

I sometimes have adult dogs with excellent dispositions that have been spayed or neutered that need a good home. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs please contact me.

Hello Aileen,

"Thank you for asking! Chino is doing just great! I have not had ANY health problems with him whatsoever. He is a beautiful and healthy big boy! Unfortunately, I made the mistake of getting a second sharpei from another breeder. I have been having problems with her ever since she was 4 months old. She's got everything from skin, health, eyes, and ear problems. It's a nightmare! I REGRET not getting my second sharpei from you. I was impatient and at the time you did not have any litters. This is one lesson I have learned. "

- Effie

If You Are Seriously Interested, Please E-mail Me With Your Telephone Number And I Will Be Glad To Furnish Additional Information, Pictures And References.
Thank You.

Please note:  I get many questions and inquiries about shar peis that have NOT been purchased from me where people have run into issues usually following veterinarians doing unnecessary procedures on their shar pei or after purchasing their dogs from OTHER BREEDERS where they were convinced into purchasing puppies at a '"Great deal " and because "the puppies looked so cute at a young age " or where these breeders convinced them by spreading false and malicious information about other breeders such as myself to buy from them. These people that tend to purchase from these breeders usually then run into bad situations and very expensive health issues and then come to seek help after the fact . It is an unfortunate reality in the dog breeding world that some breeders would try to make up for their own inadequacies by telling lies about competing breeders in order to sell their puppies and do not breed for the betterment of the breed. I cannot answer any inquires regarding health issues from dogs purchased elsewhere due to liability issues, time and moral ethics,  and I will be unable to respond.
Please consult your breeder you purchased from or a qualified veterinarian experienced with Chinese Shar pei. Thank You

NOTE: Shipping cost is: $450.
This includes: Health Certificate, Carrier, Airline Travel and Insurance of $10 Dollars. We also have a Doggie nanny who flies on board with your puppy and/or a transporter that brings your puppy direct to your door!

**All our pups are sold with Spay and Neuter Agreement.**

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