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Please note: I get so many questions about Sharpeis, but I can't answer them all. Due to liability issues, I can only answer your questions if you purchased your dog from me. If you obtained your dog elsewhere, I will be unable to respond. Please consult your breeder, or a qualified veterinarian.

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The following are some of the many non-solicited testimonials we have received from our satisfied clients who are now proud owners of Chenille's Shar-peis.


Just wanted to say hello from Colorado. Pearson is doing great at
eight years old. He is healthy and still behaves like a puppy. He is starting
to get the adorable white hairs under his chin. We love him immensely!
Ben & Nicole Lunt


Aileen: Two years ago I purchased a little chocolate dilute puppy from you. I just wanted to update you. He is the worlds most perfect dog! He is the sweetest little thing and loves everybody. He gets along just fine with other animals and loves humans and attention. I even take him to nursing homes as a therapy dog. He's perfectly fine to let the residents rub all over him and pull on his wrinkled face! His AKC registered name is Evergreens Wrinkled Piglet. He goes by Piglet. I'm not sure what or how you bred it into him but he has the best personality of any dog I've ever met. I have attached a couple of photos of him for your enjoyment!!



Dr. J. Morgan Austin, Texas
"He was even better than I expected, and exactly what I wanted. Will be getting another one from you soon."

Peter and Gigi Zaccignino Orlando, Florida
"We have gotten other Shar-peis in the past from other breeders, but the two we got from you are the best."

The Harris Family Chicago, Illinois
"We shopped around, we had other Shar-peis in the past. The one we got from you is the sweetest dog and the prettiest chocolate we have ever seen."

Dana Kelly Cannelton, West Virginia
"This puppy is the best dog we ever had, I do not know what we would do with out him."

The Allison's Weston, Florida
"Experience with entropian and shar-pei fever prompted us to search for a breeder we could trust. We found that with Aileen Hoffer. Our pups are now seven months old and have not missed a day of school! "

Geilda and Ben Nunez Mexico
"Our female we got from you has become a champion. We love the other new dog we got from you and hope he will do well also."

Marion Bond Miami, Florida
"I am really glad we were referred to you. I loved seeing all your dogs, it is obvious you take excellent care of them."

I want to thank my dear friend Corinne Coffin of Brazil who has trusted and believed in me and my dogs over the years. She has shown both of my dogs to their World Championship. I want to wish her good luck again in campaigning Champion Chenille's Flashiest Best and the other dogs.

I would also like to thank all of you who have given Chenille's dogs such good homes over these many years.

If you are seriously interested in obtaining one of our high quality puppies and would like to obtain references please contact me .

Please note: I get so many questions about Sharpies and issues that people have had from  purchasing their dogs from  OTHER BREEDERS where they ran into  bad  situations  with their Sharpei, but I can't answer them due to liability issues time and moral ethics.

I can only answer your questions if you purchased your dog from me. If you obtained your dog elsewhere  DO NOT CALL ME  FOR OTHER situations I will be unable to respond.

Please consult your breeder, or a qualified veterinarian. 

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